mess we madeWritten by Michelle Lord
Illustrated by Julia Blattman
Published by Flashlight Press
Publication date: January 2020

Reviewed by Christa McGrath
Posted December 24, 2019

In a world full of beauty and such promise, Lord sends a gentle message to a young audience about the damage taking place in the ocean – caused when trash is dumped in the waters by us humans.

The Mess That We Made is an educational children’s book. The first half of the book explores what happens to marine life when the waters are polluted and the devastating ripple effect it causes in the world. But the second half of the book shows how meaningful changes can still save the day and how we can all do our part to create a clean and healthy place for everyone.

This message will not scare children as the author chooses her words wisely and creates a rhythmic and fun pace. And the colorful images will captivate readers with the turn of every page. The bright and tasteful artwork will educate little ones (and big ones too) and inspire young minds so that when they grow up they can help lead the way to protect and preserve our waters. It is a brilliant way to help start a conversation about ocean pollution and encourage such needed change in the world.

This book deserves a spot on every library, classroom, and home shelf. It teaches children important facts about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and about calls to action.  It will hopefully shape the minds of our future leaders. If you are considering a new book for your children or your classroom in the new year, please consider getting a copy of this powerful picture book.

For more information about this book, visit the publisher’s website here.